10 Organic Ornaments That Will Transform Your Deskspace

Create a calming deskspace with these beautiful organic ornaments.

By James Russell


Whether you work from home or out of a grey cubicle, your deskspace is your domain. Love, hate or tolerate your job, it’s the place where the action happens and the money is made. If a messy desk is indicative of a chaotic life, what does a sterile desk space say about your creativity? Or to put it differently, how can you expect to think outside the box when you’re trapped inside one with the only stimulus a family photograph and a blob of sticky tack?

Transform your desk with an organic ornament or water feature and not only will you brighten up your workspace – you’ll create a soothing environment where stress dissipates and inspiration comes easy. To build your own desk-based ecosystem, simply pick a favorite from the list below, follow the setup instructions and wait for the zen to descend.


Miniature Plant Cell Phone Charm

Just because your phone is your computer and your lap is your office doesn’t mean you can’t feng shui your deskspace. This cool little keyring provides a touch of nature-on-the-go, keeping you calm on the morning commute and awake during interminable conference calls. Fondle the capsule containing your live boo-boo plant and savor your pocket piece of paradise. The keyring comes apart, by the way, allowing you to treat the little guy to a blast of canned office air. Water him occasionally and he’ll love you long time.



Air Plant Flying Jellyfish School

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s an invasion of alien jellyfish sent to save your office from the jaws of drabness. In their natural habitat, sea urchin plants probably don’t live suspended by invisible thread above a photocopier, but whatever. They seem pretty happy hanging in mid-air, so just let them do their thing. These flying saucer plants will make your desk the envy of the office.  


Electric Jellyfish Aquarium

Brighten up your desktop with a school of swimming electric jellyfish. The critters ‘swim’ in a lifelike manner using science and water pressure or something. If you’re gonna procrastinate, might as well do it while ‘miring faux jellies as they emit ethereal rays all over your desk.


Bonsai Juniper Tree

Bonsai are nothing new, but then the same could be said of all trees, organisms, and indeed life in general. You may not be the first person to pimp your desk with a bonsai, but if you can train this one to grow into the shape of a raised middle digit, you’ll surely be the smuggest. Whether you choose to shape your bonsai depends on your workload and your affinity for micro-gardening. If you’re feeling bold, try combining your bonsai with a sand feature to create a bijou Japanese garden.


Teardrop Terrarium Airplant Kit

Bring your desktop to life with a miniature botanic garden. No soil required: just air, water and love. Grow the plants alongside your quarterly trading reports and profit massively in humanity. Soak the plants well during setup and then leave it to nature to take care of the rest.


Lucky Bamboo in Ceramic Vase

Bamboo is the gateway plant to creating a sprawling desk garden. With minimal maintenance required, even klutzes and serial neglecters should be capable of keeping this one alive. Bamboo doesn’t grow particularly fast, but just like the price of gold it’s only gonna go up. (That’s not to be taken as investment advice, incidentally. If we were doing that, we’d say buy Ethereum, but you clever tech types already know this.) A vase of lucky bamboo will create a haven of tranquility in your office and bring its owner good fortune. What are you waiting for?


Cascading Waterfall Fish Tank

Fish tanks are normally big unwieldy things, but not this baby. Not only is it compact, but it somehow combines three tanks into one to form a gorgeous water feature. A cascading waterfall is the perfect way to pimp your desk while still staying in touch with nature. Whether you’re a Wall Street broker or a home-based freelancer, there’s a lot to love about this chic tank. To paraphrase Patrick Bateman, it even has a waterfall. My god.


Table Top Cross LED Fountain

Holy water fountains, what have we here? For those who believe that work has a higher purpose, this cross fountain will cement your bond with the big boss in the sky. You don’t have to have seen the light to appreciate this LED fountain of course; a basic appreciation for kitsch water features will suffice. 


BioBubble Reptile Terrarium

Buy a gecko, name it Gordon and let the little fella roam in one of these. He’ll be the perfect desktop companion for those late nights spent coding and a living reminder that we’re not fully digital just yet. The clear dome allows you to peer in and proudly inspect your new life companion, one who’ll never screw you for alimony after running off with Jamal. Thank you, based BioBubble, and all who reside within you.



Zen Garden Deluxe Meditation Kit

What is it about raking sand that’s so damn relaxing? With sand, rake, incense pot, and rocks all included, there’s a whole lotta zen packed into this tiny meditation kit. When the haters start to hate and the bosses start to boss, take a deep breath, reach for your rake and let the stress dissipate like grains of sand in the breeze. For the ultimate desktop garden, combine the zen sandpit with the bonsai juniper tree and a sprig of bamboo for good luck. Now all you need is a couple of miniature pandas.



Desktop Waterfall Fountain

Why walk to the water cooler when the water cooler can come to you? We’re not saying you should drink out of this tabletop fountain, but it’s nice to at least have the option for those days when you’re too hungover to stand. While the water emits a merry gurgle, an LED light causes the water droplets to sparkle and dance. Every desk should have at least one of these.



Pimp your desk: organic ornaments edition

Basement tier: Electric Jellyfish. Striking but zero upkeep.

Calm tier: Juniper Bonsai + BioBubble. Get some insects in the bubble; praying mantis are nice.

Zen tier: Jellyfish Aquarium + Juniper Bonsai + BioBubble. Full ecosystem incoming.

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