The 10 Best Mascaras of 2016

Life’s too short to suffer bad mascara. Thicken and lengthen with 2016’s best mascaras and take your lash game to the next level.

By Jessica Romano


After keys, purse, and cell, mascara’s the first thing that’s tossed in your handbag. And rightly so – there are few predicaments that can’t be fixed by a quick application of lash-lengthening ‘scara. In our quest to nail 2016’s ultimate guide to rockin’ mascara, we’ve thickened, lengthened, and volumized with the best mascaras that Amazon can buy. Don’t bat your lashes at anyone until you’ve applied one of these wonders.

Bobbi Brown No Smudge Mascara

If you’re the type of girl who’s always busy with important stuff, like checking Insta, you ain’t got time for fixing your mascara. You need a product that you can apply once and leave on till bedtime. Say hello to Bobbi Brown’s No Smudge Mascara. Aided by its precise bristle brush, the mascara goes on and stays on until you decide otherwise. This one’s a keeper.


Benefit They’re Real Mascara

Benefit’s top-of-the-line mascara isn’t cheap, but then you can’t put a price on perfect lashes. If you could though that price would be around $30 and those lashes would be GOAT thanks to They’re Real. For lashes so long they stop traffic and span time zones, it has to be Benefit’s statement mascara. Keep this baby under wraps – some mascaras are too nice to share with your girlfriends.


YSL Baby Doll Mascara

It’s called Baby Doll and it comes in Fetish Black. YSL’s premium mascara is a naughty little minx. Let it tickle your lashes before leading you on a bacchanalian romp to the masquerade ball where lips are licked, eyes are locked and what happens next is completely out of character because you swear you’re not that type of girl. Blame it on the mascara. Baby Doll’s got a lot to answer for.


Max Factor Clump Defy Mascara

For sheer value for money and lovely lashiness, Max Factor’s Clump Defy is a masterful mascara. It’s all about the brush – the revolutionary brush – that defines and accentuates every last one of your lashes. Elegant. Defined. Pick a superlative and then pick a stick of Max Factor’s luscious lash lengthener. Clump Defy will treat you better than any man.


Maybelline Lash Discovery Waterproof Mascara

Sometimes, because work colleagues can be cruel and boyfriends can be jerks and also because weather, you end up with rain on your face. It’s times like these when you need a friend you can trust. A confidante who’ll assure you that you still look fabulous because you do look fabulous thanks to your new BFF – Maybelline Lash Discovery. Through good days and bad, rain and shine, this budget mascara will cling to your lashes, preventing moisture from getting a look in. Smile: everything’s gonna turn out just fine.


Clinique High Impact Mascara

When it comes to applying mascara, different strokes work for different folks. This much we can all agree on though: clumps are bad. It doesn’t matter how long, thick, or lush your lashes: if your mascara’s clumped, it was all for nothing. Clinique’s High Impact Mascara will leave you feeling 6 feet tall, unless you’re already 6 feet tall, in which case it’ll leave you with your head in the clouds. Try it on and watch those lashes reach for the sky.


L’Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Feline Mascara

For cat’s eyes that taper and smolder, you need to wrap your lashes around this. L’Oreal’s Feline Mascara will leave you purring with delight as you intensify and curl your lashes in one deft stroke. Oh hey there tiger.


Christian Dior Diorshow New Look Mascara

If your lashes are as short as your patience, you’ll have long since tired of trying to find the perfect mascara. Take a deep breath and exhale. Your quest is over and your perfect lash-lengthener is just a click away. Diorshow New Look Mascara will tease out even the tiniest of lashes, turning one of your weakest features into one of your best. Nice lashes, girl.


MAC In Extreme Dimension Lash Mascara

It would be criminal to compile a list of 2016’s best mascaras without including MAC. In Extreme Dimension will lift tired lashes off your face and catapult them into a multi-layered, hyper-augmented reality where eyelash aesthetics are prized above all other attributes and it just so happens that your jutting, imperious lashes are the pick of the bunch, bringing all the boys to the yard and causing a rift in the space-time continuum due to the rate at which your lashes lengthen as they accelerate towards the nether reaches of the galaxy at light speed. MAC mascara: we told you it was good.


Givenchy Noir Couture Mascara

Why cram four mascaras into your bag when you can choose one that does everything well? Givenchy’s Noir Couture delivers a quadruple whammy, adding volume, curl, and length, in addition to caring for your lashes. The spiral brush allows you to flick and sweep till your lash game’s on fleek and your eyes are molten pools of lead-lined beauty.